Listen to ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ NOWWWW OMG

It’s here!!!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a little forward about ‘She Keeps Me Warm’.

           Ben, Ryan, and Hollis approached me to write the chorus to ‘Same Love’ at the time I needed it most. For years, and especially at 23, I had been processing my seemingly contradictory life: The Christian and The Queer, all the while battling a history of sexual abuse and manic-depression. I wrote about being a gay christian often in my poetry, but never expressed it in music without it feeling contrived.

           The second the song played through my computer speakers, I knew this was why I had never been able to kill myself through the years of my mental illness. I knew this is why I was still alive: This was the song that was so important, my God. I wanted to write a chorus that was poignant and honest; genuine. I really tried to not be gay at points in my life, but I was (and am) at a point where I refuse to apologize about my identity. I am not sorry about my gayness. I am not sorry I’m a Christian, either, though that’s far less persecuted than my gayness, which is ironically, instigated by the Christian community. “Not crying on Sundays” was a huge lyric for me to write. I cried and cried in church for a year, believing that I was going to Hell, trying to reconcile “the demons”. At some point, it became absurd.
I will not apologize for love. And my God, the God that I believe to be true, would never condemn love like this.

              ‘Same Love’ had to be written from a place of love, I believed. I think that the best way to impact the world positively is to come from a place pure of heart, with complete and total love for humanity. I love. I love so much it makes me cry for no reason. I love humanity even when it is sickening and fails miserably at taking care of each other. When humanity seems devoid of love, it’s because it hasn’t been nurtured enough. I believe in nurturing it. 

                Releasing ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ today is a massive and scary step. Simply because this song is not political. It’s not about oppression or marriage equality. This song is a love song. That’s all it is. It’s an honest love song, an extended version of my chorus from ‘Same Love’. It’s another side of the story. The only difference with this song is that there are female pronouns. I’m not trying to be shocking. I suppose it’s inadvertently making a statement, but I hope this song sits in all hearts- gay or straight. It’s not about any of that. It’s about love. It’s always been about love. 

Here are all the beautiful people that made this happen:

Written from the chorus of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song, ‘Same Love’ featuring Mary Lambert. Available for download exclusively on Bandcamp from 7/22/2013 to 7/29/2013. Available on iTunes 7/30/2013. Written by Mary Lambert 

Strings composed by Andrew Joslyn, performed by The Passenger String Quartet
Tim Mendonsa- Guitar, Bass
Tommy Whiteside- Drums
Maiah Manser- Back-up Vocals
Jonathan Plum- Guitar, Aux Percussion
Andrew Joslyn- Violin
Sarah Chung- Violin II
Seth May-Patterson- Viola
Rebecca Chung Filice- Cello
Mary Lambert- Piano, Vocals

Produced by Jonathan Plum
Mixes by Jonathan Plum and Geoff Ott
Recorded at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington.
Mastered by Glenn Schick
Cover Photos by Mego Lin
Cover Design by Jesse Codling
Cover Models are Mary Lambert and Bryn Santillan


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38 Responses to Listen to ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ NOWWWW OMG

  1. edward says:

    I see that every comment in here has quite the optimistic view of a Christian Queer. I want to just touch on that alone and share my point of view. If you are a Christian, that means that you are Christ-like and follow or believe a doctrine that best relates to the bible. The bible does say that homosexuals, along with many other sinful characters, will not inherit the kingdom of God. Now, that’s argued with points like “God is a merciful God”, and “God is too loving, he wont condemn love”. The Truth is that God will Judge according on how you lived your life and if you lived your life someone or something that God CLEARLY did not agree with, well…. that’s not going to end well for you. I know most of you think and feel that being gay is perfectly fine and well it just may be according to your standards but the moment you involve some sort of Christianity belief with it, it becomes oil and water. I see most people who want to follow the Christian belief and be gay somehow justify their actions with a “one law rules out the other” type mentality. What that does is make you feel good about whatever sin your doing and completely defiles and distorts the Truth causing you to blur your vision to know what is truly right. If you questions or argue what I just mentioned seek 3 opinions from different pastors at a Christian church. Many of you will not like what you just read and I want to let you know I’m really not trying to bash the song, just shed light on, “And my God, the God that I believe to be true, would never condemn love like this.”

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  3. Tdm says:

    Hi! Beautiful song. The lyrics play in my head all day. You should check out Jennifer Knapp’s music if you aren’t already a fan. I’ve loved her for years. She started out a contemporary Christian mainstream artist and did very well for herself. She came out a couple years ago and the Christian community was quick to shut her out. But she kept making beautiful amazing music. She now headlines “inside out faith” concerts/conferences. Check her out! You won’t be disappointed :)

  4. Aurora says:

    Mary, you are beautiful. Every time I see a performance of yours I’m just captivated. I’m not one to know the heart of God, but I’m searching for it, and I believe that I found a piece of it through your music. After reading this post and seeing that you’ve struggled with manic depression as well – it just makes my heart explode to know you’ve been through a war not so different from my own. I teach now, and I feel like it’s the reason I was not able to kill myself, to echo your words and your sentiment. Please keep singing, writing, and reaching people through your incredible talent and I’ll keep teaching and hoping mine can make a difference too.

  5. Heather says:

    Hi my encouragement to keep on! I was a born again christian from 11-20 no longer my path mostly because could not reconcile my loving women and being a lesbian. Over 27 years ago. Adore your song and the spirit of it!!! I am so glad you can be a light in a dark place for some.

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  8. Katherine says:

    I love you Mary. Thank you for being so brave and talented. You could be my daughter I swear. Congratulations on your great success!

  9. Denise says:

    Thank you for your beautiful, vulnerable honesty that has distilled a work that embodies the pure sanctity of love.

  10. Elle says:

    The line “I’m not crying on Sundays” is absolutely perfect.

  11. John says:

    I love the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis track, but I love this even more. I have gotten choked up multiple times over the past week listening to this song, and now that I know the story behind it, it has become even more beautiful to me. Thanks so much for sharing not only your love but also your struggle. Too many people have to slog through the same baggage, but to see where you ended up on your journey is beyond encouraging.

  12. Joel says:

    I just want to say I love what you have done.

  13. michael sullivan says:

    This song is beautiful beyond words. You are an amazing spirit and always such a joy to be around when I’ve seen you. I’m so happy that someone like you is taking the scary steps towards making a lot of darkness in the world become light. We have already accomplished so much in Washington and with people like you it will only get better. Hugs and kisses my love :-)

  14. Abby says:

    WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA. Breathtaking. Beautiful. Inspiring. THANK YOU.

  15. Claire says:

    When I first heard ‘Same Love’, I was hoping your vocals were sampled from another song that told more about the story behind the lyrics. They are beautiful and resonant with myself and many of my friends. I’m so glad you expanded on the topic! I can’t wait for the full album, and I hope it includes ‘I’d Be Your Wife’ on it, too.

  16. Adam Barker says:


    I am a straight, white middle-aged male. I first heard Same Love on the radio about one month ago. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was listening to, but then the chorus hit. It absolutely ripped at my heartstrings, as hard as any song or performance has moved me before. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I guess just a few words coming from a beautiful voice can be as well.

    Thank you for sharing your post above and God bless.


  17. This song is so beautiful. I have the chorus for Same Love as my text & email notification on my phone right now. It’s a boost of acceptance before I go spend a week with my Christian family. Every time my phone goes off it’s a little reminder that I am who I am for amazing reasons. Thanks doesn’t cover it.
    I really feel like I could just curl up with She Keeps Me Warm, so I’ll listen to it a few thousand more times today.

  18. Tessa Hughes says:


    I know you are getting lots of these, but this song is absolutely beautiful in every aspect it can be. It has touched and will touch many hearts. I know lots of people (including myself) who has been battling the exact same topic you sang about. I just want to listen to this song forever.

    Thank you for saying what most of us only dream of saying.

    You are loved.

  19. callingonangels says:

    Mary, your music is saving lives and touching hearts. Don’t ever think for a second that you’re less than a superhero. I know that universal love you speak of, i feel it too and i feel it about you. I love you, Mary…and thank you for making my heart sing and my soul fly to my lover’s side.

  20. Dawnne says:

    Thank you for sharing all that is you. I never forget, I too, am in Gods image! How cool is that…?! Enjoy this time and be present in the moment and not tied to the outcome.

  21. Sarah says:

    I didn’t know you were a Christian as well! I am a gay Christian and I struggled for many, many, many years with both my identity as a lesbian and a Christian, and with depression. It’s songs like these and people like you and God above that have saved me. Thank you! This is wonderful.

  22. Atgarr06 says:

    Awesome job on “Same Love”. I’m so glad I finally thought to seek out more of your amazing music last night. I had no idea “She Keeps Me Warm” was in the works. After hearing a couple different versions, I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning to hear the final one! Looking forward to downloading it next Monday.

    Best wishes for the future!!

  23. rhonda416 says:

    ” I think that the best way to impact the world positively is to come from a place pure of heart, with complete and total love for humanity. I love. I love so much it makes me cry for no reason. I love humanity even when it is sickening and fails miserably at taking care of each other. When humanity seems devoid of love, it’s because it hasn’t been nurtured enough. I believe in nurturing it. ” –

    That statement is why you ARE impacting the world. People are listening, to your voice and others like you – change is happening and love IS KIND. Love is starting to win.

    thank you … thank you … thank you…

  24. K says:

    beautiful! speaks to my heart <3 really helping me reconcile being christian and lesbian

  25. Violette B says:

    Thank you Mary,

    I first heard this at a secret show and was blown away. The junk on the radio for so long has misinformed the public. Making them mistake lust for love, physical attraction for beauty. You are part of a rare glimpse into the realities of the heart. Thank you, for expressing yourself and allowing your emotions to be shared with the world, that we may all remember what love is and should be.

    As someone who has been through the self shaming and hiding most of my life I know these feelings all to well. How can we accept love when we are so caught up in hating ourselves. I had the joy of listening to this song and seeing you at a secret show this past January. It was such a wonderful experience to have someone singing and addressing the pain while using it to lift the crowd to a better place. I had only recently come out as a transwoman and lesbian myself and was still trying to figure out how anyone could love someone like me. Your music and poetry helped me get through many dark lonely nights. You are an inspiration to me, the entire community, perhaps the world (or you will be soon).

    Keep telling it like it is and displaying that beautiful heart. The world needs more artists just like you.

    It can’t be said enough.

  26. Lisa Dickens says:

    As if there was any doubt….. Hold on tight. You’re a “sky rocket in flight”!!

  27. margaret says:

    Just heard you on KUOW on my way to work. First thing I did when I turned on my compurter was pull up your website. The full length “She keeps me warm” is really good, and I hope you have wild success with it.
    By the way…after 14 years together, 8 of which we spent engaged, my partner and got married last Friday night (an incredible Seattle summer night!). So, I definitely want to add my voice to the large chorus in our community and say “thanks” for your wonderful voice on “Same Love:” while Macklemore’s words provoke thought, your chorus provokes feelings. Combined, you provoke people to understand and respect our wonderful diversity.

  28. Fran says:

    Wow. I wish I had the right words right now; I would write sonnets and stories to adequately respond to this song because it speaks volumes. I’ve loved hearing this song and watching it grow, from it’s early versions. It went from a loving, yet sad tone to a more happy one. I love what this song means to you, as a queer Christian myself, the lyrics hit home for me too. I’m so happy you have been able to conquer so many demons through this process; I just know this song will aid others trying to do the same. So thank you, from me, for everything you’ve done and will do for so many people, myself included. I wish you success and happiness, and of course, love.

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  30. Jo says:

    Simply beautiful. I hope to hear many more songs from you with such depth and soul. It was definitely worth stay up til 3am (in Australia) to hear. Congrats :D

  31. Sierra says:

    Thank you, thank you! This song was much anticipated & lived up to my every hope. Your voice stuns me with every note! You are so amazing & the world is very blessed to not only have you in it but for your talent you share! I hope I can see you live some day!

  32. “I will not apologize for love. And my God, the God that I believe to be true, would never condemn love like this.”

    Yes! Exactly what I believe as well. Once again a wonderful text; the song is beautiful beyond words. Thank you so much.

  33. Sandra Avery says:

    I’m so excited for you that I can hardly contain myself! I know this is going to be a huge hit…just like you…you are such an incredibly beautiful person! I think you have done something with this song that has been so long over due. I wish God Speed and Only Wonderful Blessings on this Venture. I believe you and your music will reach many people that are in pain and allow them to feel real love…maybe for the first time. Thank you from the bottom for my heart. My love to all of the “community”…I love you all…you are all my children. God Bless Each and Every One Of You!

  34. Julie says:

    I love the song and feel your heart through the words! I too have struggled with being a lesbian Christian. Love is love, and above all is love! My wife and I have a healthy and seemingly perfect relationship. Thank you for sharing your song with the world!

  35. Tom says:

    Dear Mary,

    I’m absolutely excited about your song has been released today. I was wondering how it’s gonna be – and it’s even better than in my imagination.
    While listening to the line “not crying on sundays” I knew exactly what you meant with it, without reading your forward about the song. I felt the same in many ways. And I feel strengthened through these lines of yours, your intense and honest voice.

    All I wanna say is: feel hugged! You do a great job in being yourself. To me you’re a bridge between christians and queer people, which is special and necessary in those times.

    I really hope, we could meet in life, just to hang out and talk about God, music and love. Maybe we’ll fix that up somehow! ;)

    All the best from Austria (not Australia)

  36. imcrazycute says:

    Reblogged this on Imcrazycute's Blog.

  37. Phillip Wentz says:

    Brilliant, radiant, and lovely!

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