TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMIGOD OMIGOD Only two days until we release the music video for ‘She Keeps Me Warm’. I can’t believe it. I’m so proud of my video baby. It’s totally like my baby. And I’m inducing labor on Friday.

In case you missed some of the behind-the-scenes photos, here are some!


That’s a real director snappy thing!


You really can’t help but fall in love with Bryn. Sigh.


I have a serious phone addiction. To be fair, I think I’m showing Bryn the importance of Twitter. Civil service, everyone!


Who doesn’t love to make out with a camera in your face and everyone staring? #exhibitionists

Not to mention, I have some PNW shows-

SEATTLE! Wednesday August 28th. It’s for real for real ten dollars. Buy those cheap ass tickets here.Image

Also on the horizon, OPENING FOR TEGAN AND SARA on August 30th at the Britt Pavilion. 17 year old Mary has had 4 heart attacks and stayed up all night writing string quartets to impress those babes. There’s a reason their album is called ‘Heartthrob’.

Buy those tickets HERE.

Also, obviously,

I’M SINGING AT THE VMA’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy smokes. My life is outta control.

I’m going to go do cartwheels badly and fist pump around Seattle. So look for that.




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11 Responses to TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Karin Taljaard says:

    This video was posted to G+ where I was lucky to hear it. I want to give a shout out from South Africa to let you know it is a beautiful song and a beautiful video. I wish my partner and I could see you in concert. All the best.

  3. Jeremy says:

    You killed it on the VMA’s! Thank you!

  4. lauren says:

    Mary I absolutly love you and tor music and yor bravery to come out to the music world with this. Seriously a huge fan and hope u rise big! But .. one thing I do feel as if i should have played your gf in the She Keeps Me Warm video ;) just saying. Keep me in mind for the next one :PYour beautiful women with great intentions. Your gonna go far!

  5. Christian says:

    I’ve been wondering whose voice was the chorus for so long. I just watched the vma and you are amazing. I’m totally crying my eyes out. In a good way. Keep doing what you do.

  6. Ary says:

    Hi am Ary from Venezuela, so sorry I don’t speak English but I wanted to tell you that everything you do is very worth admiring … I declare one more of your fans

  7. Steph Ruiz says:

    im so excited . you are such an inspiration for me and I am happy to see you doing so well

  8. McMillan says:

    This makes me so happy. :)

  9. Jen Miller says:

    fist pumps. My bad.

  10. Jen Miller says:

    If I find you doing cartwheels and fistbumps I will make sure to get it on youtube.

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