Secrets! No that’s actually the name of the song!

Hey beautiful babes,
My new single, SECRETS, is now being played on the radio!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I’ve been pinching myself the last couple days. Totally surreal.

Secrets is a song about being unapologetically yourself! And it’s catchy! And I’m so so proud to have made something that has a message AND is fun. After thinking I could only write music to cry to, this is an amazing step in my journey to be the best songwriter I can be.

The song will be available for download on iTunes on August 5th. I know that is far away, but it’s okay! It’ll be so worth it! And maybe we can make it to the Top 40!!!

I really hope you like it. I made it for everyone to enjoy and hopefully relate. We’re all trying to figure it out, right? So let’s dance like idiots and snort when we laugh and tell people our secrets, because life is so much more fun when you realize no one actually knows what they’re doing.

Can’t wait for you to see the super fun┬ávideo that goes along with it!






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6 Responses to Secrets! No that’s actually the name of the song!

  1. I absolutely love this song. So much!

  2. Rhea says:

    Mary – you sing like an angel. Wow your lyrics are so empowering and fun. I feel happy and light – good about life when I watch the Secrets video your lyrics rock! Thank you for being the genuine article. Rhea. Everett WA

  3. Kendra says:

    Heard this on the way to work today, and I couldn’t belive my ears….it was like I had just found my theme song!! I love the self-love in this!! THANK YOU MARY LAMBERT!! The world needs more of this!

  4. says:

    I need this song now! It is my summer anthem! I can’t wait until August 5th!

  5. Brittany Burkey says:

    I feel like you wrote this song about me! The first time I heard the lyrics, I just laughed until it hurt! I love the message of self acceptance. This is the kind of message that I want my daughter to hear. Fabulous job girl! Love it and love you!

  6. rainweaver76 says:

    Yays! I am often called irreverent and unapologetic. I rather pride myself in these things after spending most of my younger years apologizing for simply existing. I can’t wait!

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