Getting into shenanigans with Macklemore + crew

Mostly, just bowling.

And getting a cold. A cold is one big joke. It lasts for weeks and screws with you but is never as debilitating as the flu, which after 2 weeks of a head cold, you’d probably prefer puking. Nonetheless, I have cough drops and every cold medicine ever. 

Additionally, my laptop fritzed out last week, I mean, I guess it was melting for a couple months. 

Since I last wrote, we’ve traveled to Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, and Lansing. We also had a bomb-ass Thanksgiving, courtesy of our booking agent’s adorable family (but seriously, I felt like I was in ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ except for not being a crappy TV show).

After our time in Cleveland, a few of us perhaps had too much to drink, left the bar, and went to the casino….? Basically we just watched Ryan lose money. 


He really should’ve played the ‘Dancin’ Dolphins’.

Since our XM interview with Sway on Shade 45, we were also able to perform for Spotify. That was pretty awesome. Mostly because the prince of Saudi Arabia was there and proceeded to play ping-pong with Ray Dalton. I was also able to get my Spotify listing cleared up (no big deal, I’ve just been listed as a children’s singer from Canada with the same name and “Letters Don’t Talk” is her latest album. *That lady is so concerned about fire safety)

Toronto was an insane crowd. That line was hella long and hella cold. I can see why people live there though. I can’t wait to spend more time there; totally beautiful. In Detroit, we stayed in what looked like a fairly new hotel, but just one block down were the saddest looking vacant streets I’ve ever seen. I’ve 


heard that of Detroit, but it’s a completely different thing to witness it in person. That said, we went to an amazing bakery in the morning called Avalon, where I fell in love with everybody. 


Tonight we are in Lansing, where I am cold and sick, but going to prevail. I’m going to re-read these texts from my girlfriend and wish I had a sleeping bag.