Hi, I’m Mary.
I like to sing and write songs and poems and dance (badly).
I also like to talk about things that are uncomfortable, because they are usually important.

My next album, Grief Creature comes out on November 15th.
It is very heavy. That is why I named it Grief Creature. I produced & composed it myself and I cried a lot while I made it. There are 17 songs on this album, and it took me 250 hours to make.
I think it is the best thing I’ve ever made.    

        This is the cover:

album design by anna depagter, photography by shervin lainez

The album will be available for pre-order very soon.

I released a poetry collection, called Shame is an Ocean I Swim Across
last year. There are poems on the album that are also in this book.
This book is also really sad and really good.
You can order it here!

xoxoxoxoxo forever amen,