Hi, I’m Mary.
I like to sing and write songs and poems and dance (badly).
I also like to talk about things that are uncomfortable, because they are usually important.

My latest release, Happy Holigays came out this Winter!
I think it is a very cute, eclectic EP with classic songs and also an original song that was supposed to be classic and charming
but instead it is called Seasonal Depression because SADNESS.

My latest full length album, Grief Creature came out in 2019. It is the most important piece of music I’ve ever made.
I produced & composed it myself and I cried a lot while I made it. The album centers around trauma and mental illness.

You can click here to listen.

I released a poetry collection, called Shame is an Ocean I Swim Across
in 2018. There are poems on Grief Creature that are also in this book.
These poems can be painful to read. 
You can order it here.

xoxoxoxoxo forever amen,