Hi, I’m Mary.
I like to sing and write songs and poems and dance (badly).
I also like to talk about things that are uncomfortable, because they are usually important.

My new EP Bold was released on May 5th!
Here are links to get your cute hands on it:
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look at me! I’m so cute and flirty on my yellow couch!

To purchase a physical copy, check out my merch site.

Thank you so much to the 1,629 generous backers who pledged nearly $70,000 to make my release a successful one.

.I produced some of the tracks myself and feel really excited about this new chapter of creating. “Hang Out With You” is the first single:

I was lucky enough to work with JC Penney on their latest campaign (along with some other badass babes navigating the reality of what it means to be fat in our society, and also features another song on the EP, titled “Do Anything”: