Hi, I’m Mary.
I like to sing and write songs and poems and dance (badly).
I also like to talk about things that are uncomfortable, because they are usually important.

LOOK AT THIS! I’m going on tour!!!! I made a poster!! It’s got all of the necessary dates and cities and everything. I would love to see you and hug you and dance and cry welcomely into the night with you. I will be accompanied by my dearest friend, Mal Blum, along with special guest poets!
Tickets go on sale on Friday! CAN YOU EVEN STAND IT?! Yee-haw!

also also:

My new EP Bold was released in May!
Here are links to get your cute hands on it:
Google Play

look at me! I’m so cute and flirty on my yellow couch!

To purchase a physical copy, check out my merch site.

“Know Your Name” is the latest single so I decided to MAKE A VERY QUEER MUSIC VIDEO. Watch it and please don’t faint:

xoxoxoxoxo forever amen,