My book, Shame Is an Ocean I Swim Across was released in October. It is available most places that sell books. Please don’t ask Home Depot for this book of sad queer poems about trauma. They don’t carry things like that. But they might have something else you might need like planks or giant scissors. If you want to get it online, you can buy it on my webstore. Or you can get it  here:
Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or listen to the audiobook! I play the piano on the audiobook too! Wow, what a gal!

Google is neat and lets you preview a few pages here, so you can figure out just how much devastation you would like to embark upon.

My poem June, 2013  was  featured in one of my favorite journals, Winter Tangerine.

Here are some videos of my spoken word:

directed by Jon Jon Augustavo

from Button Poetry

directed by Chris Matthews

Filmed by Julisa Gendren

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