Big Yellow Taxi

Over the course of the last few months, the Dakota Access Pipeline has been etched in my mind as one (among many) painful realities of this sci-fi novel we seem to be living in. In conjunction with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, I decided to record a song that was true in the 1970s, and has only become increasingly relevant since then. Donald Trump has vowed to completely dismantle the EPA, “cutting it by 70%” in an attempt to reconcile the national debt. As the increasingly horrifying dystopian future we are living in unfolds, I am afraid of what people believe are truths and what is false. The EPA holds 1% of the national debt. It is a fallacy that dismantling an institution THAT PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT will be beneficial for anyone besides wealthy business owners. Scott Pruitt, someone that LITERALLY IS NOT CONVINCED HUMAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE EXISTS is our new head of the EPA. Climate change is undeniable, is human made, and can be helped. The future is depending on us, and we are failing. The DAPL shit-show wouldn’t exist if we were able to shift our reliance from fossil fuels to cleaner energy. This is where we live. This where animals and plants and trees live, where our children live. Protecting the environment isn’t a liberal-hippie-schtick, it’s fucking reality that effects all of us. For more information about protecting your home, health, and your family (also known as protecting the earth), check out these sites: