Meet Bertie!

Hi y’all, if you’ve been following my social media, you probably know that I’m voice acting for an incredible character named Bertie in a new Netflix animated movie musical and series called Arlo the Alligator Boy and I ❤️️ Arlo. I have been a part of this project for the last year, and have fallen so in love with all of these characters and the stories they have to tell! Here is a link to the trailer if you want to take a look!!

I feel so strongly about the ability for art to bring transformative healing to those who interact with it. A lot of my work in the last 5 years has been really serious– unpacking trauma, mental illness, and a whole lot of pain. It feels so freeing to be involved in a project that is a little lighter in tone and still subversive in it’s messaging. Arlo’s character is so sweet and gentle and curious, and I love that Bertie acts as a kind of protector to Arlo. I always think about Lindy West’s memoir, Shrill, in which she talks about the kind of fat characters or people she had as role models growing up as a child and the limited amount of representation there was. Playing Bertie has been so cathartic for me and is a character I wish I had seen when I was a little girl.

AND DID I MENTION THE MUSIC?!?! First of all, I’m such a writing purist, that I have refused to sing anyone else’s lyrics, but the music for this movie and series is just so stinking good that it was effortless for me! Alex Geringas and Ryan Crego (the creator) are brilliant songwriters and have written ABSOLUTE BOPS for this movie and series. A whole soundtrack will be released soon, but for now you can listen to the single here or watch the lyric video:

I hope you fall in love with Bertie and Arlo and the rest of the amazing cast, too!