Whenever someone says something hateful

Take that, haters!

Mary Lambert Album Release! Woooo!


I mean I thought it was going to be big.

I mean I thought it was going to be big.

But not THIS big. I am honored. I am honored.


The EP is ready for you.

The EP is ready for you.

My instructions while you listen to this little collection of songs:

1. headphones. a cup of coffee. a letter from someone you still love; get it out from the box under your bed.

2.cry. cry and cry and cry and cry and it’s okay. i’m crying right along with you.

3. tear the letter up. if you have strength to do it. If you can’t, I understand. but know that it is time to let go.

4. my dear, let go.

5. that’s all. you don’t have to buy the album or a dumb t shirt or even go to a show. but you must let go.

6. we always end up where we’re supposed to be.

    are you where you’re supposed to be?

oh, me?

oh, me?

Just sitting on my typewriter. probably writing love letters to PETA.

put me on your boobs

merch is now available!

2 T-shirt designs available! Get it before the show!

i know girls (body love)


studio version

recording with macklemore x ryan lewis

The song is incredible. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.

letters don’t talk EP

letters don't talk EP


i wrote a book years ago and you weren’t in it

in september, when you meet her it is not the proximity of your bodies that will determine your closeness it is how much of yourself you are willing to light on fire. when she rests the soft animal of her…

you know, just taking photos in the bathroom

you know, just taking photos in the bathroom

what in the what #2

She’s the hit-master

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore. NBD.

what in the what

Did I really just record a song with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? I think something really big is going to happen. Holy cow.

I Know Girls (Body Love) live outside of the studio

Music Party

Music Party

This is what happens when you and all of your best friends are majoring in music at Cornish.

Record Release Date at the Croc!

https://www.facebook.com/events/255080747932022/ Finally! After 2 years, we have a solid release date. It’s been a long time coming. Turns out, being a perfectionist and having 2 producers and a sound engineer that are as equally as anal retentive, makes for a…