We’re gonna cry-dance all night, little peanut

The Everybody is a Babe Tour begins in October!!! Tickets go on sale on FRIDAY August 11th!!! Can you even stand it?!? Stupid excited for this run. It feels like I haven’t toured in a million years. And truthfully, I don’t imagine I’ll be doing a tour like this for awhile. There’s so much to create and foster in my life (super not so secret sidenote: working on a second LP, a fashion line, and a new collection of poetry), and being on the road is one of the greatest joys that is easy to take for granted, especially when it feels like you are somewhat forced to be touring. In reality, touring is a gift. It is a gift to be an artist full-time, it is a gift to create, it is a gift to share. Yes, music is a job for me and many folks I know, but fuck if it isn’t a joy, you know? Lucky lucky lucky, I am. What a life.