Honey, I’m home!

It’s real! I’m home! Our Christmas tree is up! I bought a wreath and mistletoe because I can! I like exclamation points! I want to buy a sweater with tinkly bells and possibly polar bears that maybe have hats on them!
So, I’m back in Seattle. I tackled Rachel by baggage claim and it’s pretty much been like that for the last 4 days. I’ve had two shows this last week, and have started back at my normal-people job where I get people drunk and wear cute boots and put fancy cocktails in nice glassware. The really exciting thing is that I get to work less, and focus on my art. SO LET’S GIVE A HOO-RAH FOR THAT.

Let’s also recap the last days of the Macklemore tour!


Yes. This is Macklemore bowling. Ben Haggarty is an excellent bowler and kicked everyone’s ass except for Wanz and Dee 1. I was in last place. Out of 20 people. I do not have a future in bowling.

Lansing was a really fun show. The green room was literally covered in hand-drawn penises so I kind of hated being in there. The show itself was incredible. It was one of the only shows we’ve had where it was a significantly older crowd (older meaning a lot of flannel and beards), and the vibe reflected that.


Snap! I still look good when I’m sick!

Our next night was in
Along with Vermont, New York, and Boston, I fell in love with Chicago. What a beautiful city. I had vegan lunch, walked around, and took pictures of the pretty river (read: instagram). I also got super sick in Chicago! I’m still mad about that. After shows, I try to come out and say hi and hug as many people as I can, but I had to leave right after I sang because I was a nauseous Annie.


“Hi, I’m an epic guest,” said no one, ever.

Madison was where I got to see MY SUPER AMAZING BFF THAT LIVES FAR AWAY, so my heart was full and happy. Thanks, Will Giles. You are the best. In non-related news, this was in our hotel lobby.

For quite a few of us, Minneapolis was our last stop. We had two incredible nights at the First Ave, met so many beautiful people and drank a fair amount of whiskey (HALF OFF DRINKS AT THE VENUE WHAT IN THE WHAT).


Ben, you can’t change me even if you kissed me on stage! But that was a really nice try!

It was really really hard to say goodbye. This is the end of The Heist tour for me, but the beginning of so many incredible personal endeavors. I’ll still get to be with the crew once in awhile for appearances and random shows, but it’s time for me to get down with my own thing (don’t take it like that, perv) and finish my book, release a music video, and plan a tour of my own. I owe Ben and Ryan the biggest debt of gratitude. I would never be in the position I am without being offered to help write ‘Same Love’. I’m going to be releasing tour dates for the East Coast very very soon (like, when I’m done writing this), and I hope you’ll come to a show that’s near you. I’m actually kind of scared to tour on my own, and there’s nothing worse than having no one show up to your performance. But I’m gonna put it all out there, ok? I’m counting on you, my babes (Sidenote: on his twitter, Aaron Carter calls all his fans, ‘babe’ and I’m trying to make it catch on for me), so get ready for the tour announcement.

Lastly, my Seattle babes (ugh this is not working), I am performing AT THE PARAMOUNT (!!!) this Sunday evening. There are a gajillion gay weddings happening this weekend, and  I’m going to sing at a free reception for all of them and cry super hard. Please come. Cry with us, celebrate with us, hug your gay dads, and your best friends, and eat cake. Then sing ‘Same Love’ with me.