I got new stuff boo

Hey my beautiful babes,

I’ve been glued to twitter for the last 12 hours. This Boston stuff is crazy scary. My thoughts and prayers are with you Watertown, MIT, Boston. <3 <3 <3 I just want to write poems and songs for the whole world and stop anger and hatred. In other news, the fire alarm in my building went off the other night, and the fire department came and everyone was in their pajamas and a little frightened. But it turned out it was burnt popcorn. I know, riveting story, Mary.

I need a real camera. Or a photographer.

I need a real camera. Or a photographer.

For the real reason of this post: I GOT NEW T-SHIRTS! WHAM! BAM!
Black v-necks that make your boobs look great, and are comfy and good for hugging. Not good for cat hair. Crew shirts for the dudes that want to wear an umbrella with a heart inside of it. C’mon, add it to your wardrobe and then your girlfriend can steal it and cry in it. In all honesty, who doesn’t love buying new clothes? There’s always something new when you visit the shops or buy online. Plus, it becomes very tempting not to shop, especially with sites like PromoCodeWatch.com offering discounts on some of your favourite places. But who’s complaining? I’m certainly not!

And, of course, there are new shows announced for Vancouver (WITH LEMOLO), Seattle, Portland, New York City, and Bellingham on the shows tab. You better be there or I’m going to hold a grudge against you like I did with my 3rd grade teacher for telling me my stuffed animal, “Bear-nard” was not an acceptable show-and-tell item.