Oh, the places you see.

Hello my loves.
Let’s play a game! What different belongings have I absent-mindedly forgotten at venues this last week?

phone charger, meds, tea, cold medicine, headphones, laptop charger. I told my friend that I had lost my phone charger and she told me to check out this Power Bank Under Rs. 1,000 (10,000mAH). Luckily I borrowed someone else’s charger but it’s always useful to have a power bank. I really hope my charger isn’t lost for good. It was an extra long one, from Mobile Mob, and was so useful for charging around the house. I always find the normal chargers are too short. Fingers crossed it turns up.

geez louise. That said, I haven’t been up on my blog game and have been semi-irritable. Enough with the whining. Let’s re-cap!


I know what you’re thinking. Her teeth are real.

If you didn’t know, I was flown into New York last week to make an appearance on VH1 on the show, Big Morning Buzz. Watch it here! Super FUN!!

It was so surreal to watch it the next morning. Every thing we do, every appearance, every venue, still blows me away. I am constantly awestruck.

Immediately after VH1 (except shopping in Manhattan for a red Manhattan jacket, obvi) (if you live in Manhattan, you have to have a red jacket, I think) (I digress), we took the train to Philly to perform. It was a great show, and I wish that I had had more time to enjoy the city. : (

We had to book it right after to head to Boston, which is the other greatest place on earth. Boston was a complete blast, It was the most packed house we had since WaMu, and there were fans lined up in the cold-ass cold since 10am. Dedication, y’all.


Our kids will be in charge of ringing the churchbell. Unless the Hunchback of Notre Dame did that. Ok, screw that.

In Boston, we also met up with The Macklorettes (our hella fine, talented, sweetie-pie dancers), Wanz (Thrift-shop KING!) and Hollis Wong-Wear (Seattle hip-hop queen, wrote the chorus to ‘Wings’, ‘Cadillac’, and all-around filthy).

From there we headed to Burlington, Vermont where I want to have babies with my girlfriend and go Christmas caroling every day.

I sat in a coffeeshop (ok whatever, it was starbucks), and gazed at the beautiful Church street. We had two nights there, which is so so nice to be off the road if just for a little bit. The other thing I loved about Burlington, was how goddamn polite everyone was. Multiple fans ran up to me to shake my hand. HOW COOL IS THAT. Needless to say, I’m coming back to Burlington in February for my solo tour. It’s happening. We left for New Haven, CT, which had a fantastic crowd (someone from my youth orchestra in Snohomish County came?! what?) and we are now in New York City, once again. If you’re visiting and you need to learn about public transport, click here to learn more!


This time around, I had a less pleasant experience in New York. Perhaps it was the Manhattan glow wearing off on me, or my red jacket suddenly looked like everyone else’s, or maybe I was in a different part of town, but whatever the reason, I was a total sad-bear. I was also missing both chargers and I had to pay an arm and a leg for them. I finally took a deep breath yesterday, re-treated to the hotel, ordered chicken parm to my room, and after getting a call from Mack’s manager that we were doing SIRIUS/XM radio the next morning (TODAY WHAT) and talking to my boo, I felt way way better.

I had no idea I was going to meet Sway this morning. You remember him?? The super cool dude on MTV telling you about releases and stuff you could tell your friends to pretend you were with it. (no, just me?) Today’s interview was my favorite that we’ve done thus far. It aired this morning without an archive, but we’ll hopefully have a video to post soon. I was really able to talk about my role in ‘Same Love’. I was able to share my story about being a gay Christian; coming out and still being present in the


Ugh, so cute I want to cry. Ok, I did.

Christian church and God. Plus Sway was hella genuine, funny and kind. When I arrived back to my hotel, these arrived at my room.

Also, since our smoke alarm was dying and beeping all night (I had a mind to direct the hotel to somewhere they could learn more about getting it fixed), Anna scored us free drinks and breakfast for the rest of our stay! BAM! Today is way better. ALSO ALSO. I have been booking shows left and right on the East Coast for January and February. Be ready for the tour schedule to show up soon!!

Check in soon, babes.