The greatest week in my hella gay life

Holy shit. I can’t even keep up with the momentum of my career/gay heaven.

On top of having stellar shows in Santa Cruz and San Diego, having drinks with lovely poetry friends, bonding with my incredible tour crew, I have two INCREDIBLE announcements.


Wednesday, I got to hang with the beautiful, stylish, extremely talented, TEGAN AND SARA. I literally had a gay heart attack. I was able to hear their soundcheck, front row, with no other people watching. I had to pinch myself. We spoke about working together in the future, and I would love to have that materialize.

So that was kind of the greatest day of my life other than the first day I met Rachel.

In other massive gay news for Mary Lambert, I’m TOTALLY GOING ON ELLEN DEGENERES. 


I can’t believe my life. My first thoughts about the show were instantly about how many people will be able to see my face and hear my voice, and all things very ego-centric. It really didn’t reach me until today, when the idea of what a massive platform Ben, Ryan, and I are on. The very idea that we are loudly vocalizing gay rights, that I get to sing about how much I love my girlfriend, and the hope that it will reach an unbelievable amount of viewers around the country is almost unfathomable. I couldn’t have even projected “Same Love” to take us this far. I am so utterly blessed. If you don’t believe that we’re going on (I still need a reminder), here’s the link!

I am also exhausted and want to whine about the fact I have not had a real meal in days. You guys, I am so sick of chex mix and beef jerky. Whatever, YOLO. We’re getting up earlybird style and getting ear molds made in L.A. for our show packs (in-ears). Basically, it’s essential for me, cause y’all don’t sing the last chorus right, ever. But you know, I would way much rather you sing with me, on account of marriage equality needs all the voices in the universe ever. So keep on singing!!

Going to bed! Nice to meet you, San Diego.