The prettiest drive in the entire universe

I wish that I could accurately describe how incredible it was

It’s official. I’m in love with Oregon. I already knew that I loved Portland. Great food, great strip clubs, great bike paths, etc. But I didn’t know that I loved the rest of Oregon.   The upside about driving in a van that’s trailing the tour bus, is that we have a lot of freedom. We’re an autonomous group (Hollis, Wanz, Andrew, Natalie, and myself). We performed in Bend last night, which rocked super hard.

Jon jon and I having dranks

And then we went out drinking which also rocked. hard. There was a lot of jameson that occurred.

I believe I got back to our hotel room and wrote a song about fried chicken with Ray. Pancakes were consumed in the morning. I am still in awe of the people I get to spend my time with for these weeks. Not a single person is lacking in talent, beauty, kindness, grace, or support.

Alsoalso. In Washington state, most people should have gotten their ballots in the mail. I can’t stress how important and vital to civil rights it is to vote. Please, please vote. Vote for love. Vote for me, your cousin, your uncle, your co-worker.

We’re in the middle of soundcheck in Eugene, OR. The theater looks fantastic, and there’s a great line of fans outside. CAN’T WAIT!