meet and greets are all ages, bb

It’s true! I’ve been doing everything I can to work with the over 21 venues to allow minors into a meet and greet, and all but one (Boise) was able to accommodate (no shade to Boise, liquor laws are tough!). This means that I am upping the ante on these VIP passes.
Yep. ON TOP OF a polaroid of us in front of a giant rainbow, unlimited selfies, a laminated pass that will last forever, I’m also gonna do a song or two with my acoustic guitar during the meet and greet and serenade the shit out of you.
You can get your ALL AGES pass here: YOW! YES! ALL AGES!
I am super excited about this and I am also hopeful for the day that music venues don’t penalize people under 21 that want to watch music.