My book, 500 tips for fat girls, ON TOUR!!

Ok. Let me preface all of everything ever:
‘500 tips for fat girls’ is not an advice book. It is a collection of poetry surrounding body image, rape, and relationships. There are no actual tips. If you wanted to find tips on losing weight you might want to read up on the latest supplements or diets, for example morning complete reviews show that it makes you crave less to lose weight. You might also join the gym to lose some pounds. You might also love your body and want to buy a book that makes you feel empowered and unstoppable as a woman. In which case you have come to the right place. The title poem, is a jabbing list poem that comments on misogyny, self-hatred, and media pressures. This is an inner dialogue of tragic thoughts that I’ve had and curvy women often have.

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always turn the light off before f*****g
always lie on your stomach, always be on a diet,
always be generous, always smile,
don’t be a b***h- don’t be a fat b***h”

I can’t speak for all big girls, and I don’t want to try. To me, most curvy women end up having to navigate themselves through a frustrating process to find self-love. I think that navigation to self-love is universal. This book is a collection of poetry exploring that.
Let me be totally real with you here: this book is so goddamn honest that it terrifies me in a really great way. I believe in the power of vulnerability. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we have the most beautiful opportunity to find human connection, to see humanity in its greatest light.

All of that said, I WROTE A F*****G BOOK, and I am so damn proud of it. It is writing from the last 5 years and took me 2 years or so to learn how to edit a book, compile, edit, re-edit and re-re-edit the manuscript. The books are only available at shows. For now. We’re working on getting it in my merch store, and it will be available internationally very soon!

promo vid

snapshot from the music video. can you tell it’s gonna be real uplifting?

Other great news, I DID A F*****G MUSIC VIDEO. Can’t wait till you see it.

Also, I’M ON A F*****G TOUR, infamously known as The Good Feelings Tour performing both my songs and poems and I have to pinch myself about how cool this is. Especially that I’m touring with my BFF, Rose McAleese, who’s got talent up the wazoo. Lastly, I miss this babe:

shut up with how attractive you are

Ahem. Pardon me, I forgot my name and my face got dumb for a minute.

Our first two shows (Seattle and Boston) both reached capacity. that’s insane. Thank you for supporting us and coming to the shows!!

There are still dates left on the East Coast and Canada- so take a looksie if you haven’t yet. West Coast tour is in the works, so please don’t cry yourself to sleep, ok?

Worcester, MA 1/25/2013 Old Oak Smithy

This is how I get ready for shows. By powdering my nose hella.

This is how I get ready for shows. By powdering my nose hella.

New York, NY 1/27/2013 Bluestockings

Toronto, ON 1/31/2013 The Boat

Arlington, VA 2/4/2013 Busboys and Poets

Washington, D.C 2/5/2013 & 2/6/2013 Busboys and Poets

Rochester, NY 2/9/2013 House Show

Ottawa, ON 2/12/2013 The Rainbow Bistro

Montreal, QC 2/14/2013 Le Cagibi

Burlington, VT 2/16/2013 Radio Bean

Cover art of the book is done by Crystal Barbre. The music video is done by Samantha Soo. The last photo is from a set by Zoe Rain.