Portland, Seattle, and the raucously beautiful people of Vancouver

Today is Monday! And that means it’s our first and only day off from the tour to be home. It also means I get to catch up on Project Runway. Thank God. BUT SERIOUSLY WHO IS GOING TO FASHION WEEK?! It’s anybody’s game right now. I also have a crap-ton to pack, so I’ll be doing that.

The crew and I spent the weekend in Vancouver with 2 sold-out shows at The Vogue. Vancouverites are fucking insane. The energy both nights was so hype- from start to finish. We had a little down time on Sunday to shop, wander, what-have-you, so obviously my lesbian senses wandered me to the gay district.

It was really tempting to hop the fence, just so I could jump out and scream “I SAME LOVE YOU” to quiet dog-walkers.

And of course, what gay district wouldn’t be complete without a massive fucking community garden? It’s so beautiful. Why can’t Seattle have a community garden next to Babeland or something?

Vancouverites also party hella hard. I saw at least 6 fights on Saturday night, the best of which was a verbal altercation I am calling “The Tale of Two Jessicas”.

While I was away, the warm and kind folks at Jet City Stream, posted this beautiful video of my solo acoustic version of “Same Love”.

Now I must pack and clean and try not to cry about how much I’m going to miss my girlfriend.