Seriously, Serious.

Dear God. I have not had a spare moment to reflect on how crazy this week has been for me. I just got home from WaMu Theater, with a sold-out crowd of 7500 screaming beautiful people. My life has never felt more surreal than singing Same Love live. Singing it with a bazillion other people who miraculously know my words. 

Highlights of The Week:

Duh. WaMu Theater tonight was out of control. I felt everything. I felt your hearts tonight. I have never been more grateful to be on this planet.

Ellen Degeneres, Tegan and Sara, and Ben Gibbard tweeting our Same Love video. What in the hell. If I sing on Ellen, I’m going to retire as the happiest lesbian in history, ever.

Holding my girlfriend underneath the glow of the streetlamps as we departed the afterparty tonight. She is my rock, my only star, my truest one.


All of you are making this possible. All of you are making history. Thank you; I adore you.