woah, baby!

Today, in bad ideas for breakfast that still taste pretty great: tuna salad.

Also, and likely more importantly, THE SAME LOVE VIDEO HIT A MILLION.


(duh, i had to find the screenshot where i’m in it, obvi)
I woke up this morning and snuggled my girlfriend extra-long, thinking about the first time we met, and about how nervous I had been. Looking at my shooting anxiety, my friends had doused me with products that they said, contained “pheromones”. They thought the whole situation was hilarious. I’m not even sure I knew what are pheromones, but I decided to go along with it, and voila, the rest is history. Now, in bed, I started to tear up thinking of all the stories people have been sharing with me; folks offering their coming-out stories, tragedies of being bullied, or beaten, or ostracized by their families. It is an epidemic, but we can change things. I believe that with all of my being. I hope you all are staying strong, and will continue to push forward with societal change.

Macklemore, Ryan, the crew and I head on tour in less than a week. I’m nervous. I’m in a place in my career that I never could have fathomed. My girlfriend texted me to come home the other night because videos of Ben performing “Same Love” live in Europe were up on youtube. I was in tears (shocking, I know). It’s thousands of people singing words that I wrote. That’s insane. It’s something I’ve consistently dreamt of as a performer, but due to the improbability, I’ve always left it as a dream.
This is absolutely surreal. I appreciate all the immense support that’s been coming in, and while I’m not able to respond to everything, know that I read and feel every bit of love radiating out and send it right back.

Before I leave for tour, I’m doing a last hurrah at the Fremont Abbey. One of my dearest friends in the whole wide world, Rose Estelle McAleese, is releasing her book at a beautiful show called The Round. I’ll be playing pretty songs and making myself cry. It’s this Tuesday at 8pm. See you there.

Additionally, I’ve released a song through an organization, Protosong. I listened to the playlist I was asked to contribute to, and even if I wasn’t on it, I would be listening to it 100 times a day. Beautiful, beautiful work by incredible local singer-songwriters. Protosong is donating 70 percent of the proceeds to efforts for clean water. The other 30 goes to the artists that contributed. And and and you can pay what you want for it. For serious.
pretty please download the playlist.

I’m going to go back to my terrible tuna salad breakfast decision and think long and hard about why I eat like a pregnant woman.